A Guide To Magnetic Chargers

Have you ever felt naked without your phone?  They are an integral part of our daily life. Mobile technology keeps getting better making us more dependable on our phones to connect with friends using numerous social media platforms available with just a tap on the phone. With increased demand for mobile phones, the accessories that work with these phones have become more innovative. 

Magnetic charging cables have been around since 2016. The use of magnetic chargers have grown ever since. While many think it merely for aesthetics rather than innovation, it's excellent design can eventually phase out the use of traditional chargers in the near future.

So What's The Difference Between Magnetic And Regular Chargers?

Both magnetic charging cables and the traditional ones share a singular purpose - to charge mobile phones. The difference lies in an obvious component of a magnet added to the cable. 

This innovative cable involve two parts in its design: a charger head and a cable. The function of the magnet is to bridge these two together, allowing for the detachable head to stay connected on your phone.

The detachable head then serves two other functions. Firstly, it protects your phone charging port from wear and tear due to the act of pulling and pushing cables a few times a day to charge them. Secondly, it protects your phone's internal charging pins from being bent, getting dirty by micro particles or getting wet. A third unnoticeable but very useful function it does is to easily detach itself from your device if you (or your pet) accidentally pull or trip on the cable while the phone is charging. 

How Durable Is It?

Traditional cord tends to fray or break overtime due to the necessary force required to insert charging head into your device. The magnetic charger, on the other hand, is designed to have a longer service life. The reason is because it does not take much effort to connect your phone to the cable, thanks to magnetic plugs or tips.

When looking for a magnetic charger, consider the ones that have strong magnetic absorption. Premium magnetic chargers, like WILINO magnetic chargers, are made with N52 grade neodymium magnets. These magnets are commercially the strongest magnets in the market.

Is It Fast Charging and Support Photo Transfer to My Computer?

Fast Charging capabilities are dictated by the model of the phone and compatibility of the charger. If your phone allows for this function, you must use the appropriate charging cable and wall adapter to take advantage of it.

Magnetic chargers come in 2A, 3A or 5A. "A" means Amps - the amount of current transmission the cable supports.

The 3A and 5A chargers are created to support fast charging function, however this is highly dependent on the manufacturer of your cable. To assure this functionality, make sure to check the product manual before utilizing or purchasing it.

The 3A and 5A magnetic chargers also support data sync or transfer. So you can sync with iTunes or transfer photos from your phone to the computer.

All WILINO magnetic chargers are either 3A or 5A. They also support 480 mbps data sync and transfer.

Is It Safe For My Phone?


While magnets were once thought to be harmful to the majority of electronic devices, newer phones have basic resistance to small magnets. Magnetic cables utilize a very small magnet at the bottom of the phone. They don't have an excessively strong magnetic capabilities, hence won't break your phone!

Magnetic charging cables are an increasingly useful accessory to buy. They are easy and convenient to use. They also add a layer of protection for your phone. With magnetic tips that are universally compatible, a single cable can even charge other portable devices, like a Bluetooth headset, a gaming console or a digital camera. 

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