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PD 60W PD 100W Magnetic Tip 2023 Edition

  • Lightning
  • USB-C


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Magnetic tips or connectors for 2023 Edition PD 60W & PD 100W Magnetic Cables. 

The magnetic tips are ideal for charging additional USB-C MacBook Air or compatible USB-C laptop, USB-C phones, USB devices, iPhone or iPad. 

The magnetic tip or connector is handy and economical to charge another device with your existing round PD 60W or PD 100W magnetic charging cable without purchasing another magnetic cable.

This magnetic tip is NOT COMPATIBLE with our 2020 model of PD 60W or PD 100W magnetic cables.

NOTE: Compatible only with 2023 Edition PD 60W and PD 100W magnetic cables purchased through our website. We cannot guarantee the connector will work with other cables purchased elsewhere.

Features & Specifications:

  • The Lightning magnetic connector or tip is designed to seamlessly fit your iPhones and iPads. The USB-C magnetic tip is for USB-C iPad Pro, mobile devices and MacBook Air. 
  • Easy Plug/Detach, the magnetic connection allows you to connect and detach your smartphone or other devices with one hand. 
  • Water and dust blocker - blocks water and dust from entering the charging socket on the phone.
  • One cable for iPhone/ iPad and a USB-C laptop, phones or devices.
  • Anti-scratch shielding, Strain Relief collar, and PBV braiding.

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