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WILINO Magnetic Adapter

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    • Micro USB
    • USB C
    • Lightning


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    Transform your existing charging cable to a magnetic cable instantly with WILINO Magnetic Adapter - and you will have a universal magnetic cable to *charge all your devices. No more charging different devices with different cables.

    Available in 3 different inputs, Micro USB, USB-C or Lightning (Apple) choose the one that fits your charging cord. 

     * Additional magnetic tips required to charge different devices.


    Magnetic Adapters 3 Inputs


    Just like WILINO Magnetic cables, this magnetic adapter will help prolong the life of the charging port on your phone by protecting it from wear and tear.

    WILINO Magnetic Adapter also function as a dust cover for the charging port. They prevent micro particles from unknowingly getting into the tiny port.

    Additional magnetic tips are available for purchase for other phone or portable device.  

    The magnetic tip on this adapter is compatible with WILINO V3, Flexor 540° and NEO 3.0 magnetic cables.

    Features & Specifications

    • 3A Fast magnetic charging adapter and data/photo transfer capability.
    • Magnetic adapter designed to seamlessly fit into your existing charging cable. 
    • Easy Plug/Detach, the magnetic connector allows you to connect and detach your smartphone with one hand. Great for charging your device in a vehicle or for people who have difficulty charging their devices.
    • Water and dust blocker - blocks water and dust particles from entering the charging socket on the phone.
    • WILINO Adapter is made with super strong N-52 Grade Neodymium magnets.


    Adapter Charging phone



     Turn Your Charging Cable To A Magnetic Cable

    Magnetic Adapter

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