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Care & Maintenance

All WILINO magnetic charging cables except Flexor 540 and NEO 3.0 are made from strong braided nylon that are durable and last longer than most charging cables. Flexor 540 is made from environmentally friendly TPE materials and NEO 3.0 has a silicone case. There are strong magnets at the end of each cable that need to be properly looked after.

WILINO V3, Flexor 540°, NEO 3.0 and Magnetic Adapter use the same magnetic tips. This provide users added flexibility in terms of which cable they want to use in different environments.

USB-C magnetic cables, such as PD 60W and PD 100W magnetic cables, are also made from strong braided nylon. 


The magnetic end tends to attract metallic debris which may cause a short circuit when your cable is connected to a power source to charge the device. Other things like water and other liquid can also cause the short circuit.

Always make sure the end is rubbed or cleaned with a clean dry cloth or a soft brush whenever you notice debris or dirt builds up in the area. Keep in mind that dirt and debris will build up in your WILINO cable if they are placed in a dirty environment. This will not be an issue if they are stored or used in a clean place. 


WILINO tips are made from strong N52 magnet. So make sure your phone or device is not placed in a bag or an area that has metallic debris or dirt. Ensure they are cleaned with a soft dry cloth if you see any dirt accumulating on the connector before connecting it to your magnetic cable. WILINO connectors should also be removed and cleaned once in a while to ensure optimal charging speed.


WILINO adapters require similar care as the magnetic cable. Make sure they are not placed in area where there are magnetic debris. Clean the magnetic end of the adapter and your connector once in a while if you see any dirt accumulating. 


  • Never use your cable or tip when wet.
  • Never put conducting substance such as metal or water on the surface while connected to electricity.
  • Excessive heat on the magnets may cause demagnetisation.
  • If you find the cable is not charging your phone, try removing the tip and inserting it back. Then try charging it again. This can happen when there is an update to the phone especially on iPhones and iOS devices.

If you have further question on how to care for your WILINO products or you're having cable related issues, please contact our team at

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