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Frequesntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

We work with leading manufacturers for our products. All our products are CE, ROHS & FCC safety certified.

We only partner with manufacturers who produce the best quality and safe products.

Here are some safety guidelines to follow when using WILINO cables:

1. Keep the magnetic cables and magnets away from iron, water, pencil, keys and any other conductive materials.

2. WILINO magnetic cables come with small magnetic parts. Children must be supervised by an adult when using the cable. Make sure unused magnetic tips/connectors/plugs are kept in a safe place, away from children's reach. Also make sure the small parts are kept away from your pets.

3. Always use and place your cable in a clean and dry environment, away from water, dirt and dust.

4. When not using, do not leave the charging cable in bed or covered with clothes. Place it on a clean hard surface, like a table.

5. Clean the magnetic cable head and magnetic tip occasionally with a dry clean brush or cloth.

6. Remove the cable from wall adapter before attempting to cleaning it. Never clean the magnetic head while the cable is plugged into a wall plug or adapter. 

7. Use your manufacturer's charging wall plugs or adapters especially for our PD 60W and PD 100W magnetic cables that are designed to charge USB-C laptops.

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