Different Types Of WILINO Magnetic Charging Cables Explained

Sometimes, it's quite overwhelming to choose the type of magnetic cable that is right for your phone or small devices.

We have various magnetic charging cables that meet different needs on our website.

Most people just want to charge their mobile phones and portable devices such as headphones, speakers or gamin consoles. Other may want to charge a USB-C laptop and mobile phone.

We've come out with two comprehensive comparison charts below showing the different types of WILINO charging cables side by side. Hopefully this will help you choose the right charging cable that you're after.

WILINO magnetic charging cable with round tips

The table below shows the oval shaped magnetic cables. There are three types of magnetic cables that fall into this category. If you don't need to charge a USB-C laptop (or doesn't even know what that means), choose Blue Diamond magnetic cable. This magnetic cable will do an excellent job to charge your mobile phone.

On the other hand, if you have a MacBook Air and an iPhone, the PD 60W magnetic charger is great for you.

PD 100W magnetic cables can charge both USB-C mobile phones and compatible USB-C laptops that use more that 60W of current. 

We highly recommend that you use the manufacturer's power adapter with WILINO PD 60W and PD 100W magnetic cables to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Wilino magnetic charging cables with oval magnetic tips.

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